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Direct Skip-Tracing Services

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Direct Skip-Tracing Services (DSS), a division of Direct Credit Control, Inc. (DCC), is a fast and economical way to immediately identify and locate the whereabouts of anyone that you may need to make direct contact with for debt collections, repossessions or any type of legal notification reasons.

Our services are frequently used by Attorneys, Law Offices and Process Servers to serve legal papers. Also used by various Commercial Creditors (for Corporate Searches), Medical and Dental Offices, Bail Bonds and Insurance Companies, Repossession Companies, Property Management Companies, Judgment Creditors and Automobile Dealers and many may need up-to-date information to locate and identify a person or company.

Using various combinations of NATIONAL PUBLIC RECORDS we will provide you with all of the available current information regarding your subject anywhere in the USA:

  • Various Names Used
  • Addresses Last Known and Previous with dates
  • First 5 digits of the subject’s Social Security number
  • Full Date of Birth
  • Telephone Numbers Last Known and Previous
  • Nearby Neighbors with telephone numbers
  • Email Addresses Last Known and Previous
  • Relatives and their Month and Year of Birth
  • Associates / Friend's and Relative's Telephone Numbers
  • Property Deeds Last Known and Previous with Lender, Seller, Buyer and Dates
  • Vehicles
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments and Liens
  • Last Known Employment
  • Businesses and Corporations

Using real time information compiled from the most current sources of on-line public records and evaluated by an experienced DSS locate expert, DSS delivers to you the most current contact information available at the time, in an easy to read and understand format.

Need to find a good telephone number or get a current address to send a final demand for payment?

Need to locate and serve legal papers on a defendant for a court appearance?

Want to see if your defendant has any judgments, liens, bankruptcies, child support judgments or has any attachable assets, real property or employment?

DSS may provide you with the information you need, before you file a lawsuit, saving valuable time and money.

DSS locate reports are NOT compiled from personal information from the subject’s Credit Bureau Profile, the information is culled and compiled from public records and must NOT be used to determine an individual’s credit worthiness.

  1. DSS charges $50.00 for a single report, $225.00 for 5 reports or $400.00 for 10 reports, if paid for in advance. You may use your credits as needed within 1 year.
  2. Please call or email DSS and we will send you a service agreement, a subjects placement form and payment methods (Credit Card, Direct Bank Deposit or Check by Phone) to get started.
  3. Simply FAX or EMAIL the subjects placement form to DSS and we will compile the Public Records information that are available and EMAIL or FAX back to you, usually within a few hours.