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Collection Agreement | Assignment Form *

Please use the Collection Agreement and Assignment Form links to access and print the forms that you will need to assign an account to DCC for collection. Please fill out, print and then sign the Collection Agreement and return it with the first batch of new accounts. The Collection Agreement only needs to be returned to DCC once.

The Assignment Form should be filled out for each new account assigned, along with the supporting documents to validate the debt. Please provide as much information as possible about the debt and debtor. The more information that you provide, the better our chance to collect.

Information may include:

  1. Statement of the account explaining how you arrived at the balance due
  2. Copies of any signed financial agreements, contracts, leases or rental agreements
  3. Copies of any NSF Checks, Judgments or Court Orders
  4. Credit applications

Once the new batch of accounts are keyed into our computer system you will receive a printed "Acknowledgment" listing all the new accounts assigned. Each time you assign an account for collection, DCC will send back an acknowledgment for your records. Status Reports, Collection Remittance Checks and Statements are generated on the 15th of each month.

At the same time that you receive an acknowledgment, a “Collection Assignment Notice” will be sent to the last known address of your debtor, which notifies them that the debt has been assigned to DCC for immediate collection. It is a requirement that we provide them with the initial 30 days to contact DCC if they wish to prevent any further action.

If a debtor should contact you after assignment please notify us and refer them to the DCC collection manager "JASON VILLA" at (877) 673-6337.

Once forms are complete, please Fax, Mail, FedEx, or Scan and send as PDF files (our preferred method).

* If for whatever reason the PDFs above do not print correctly try printing and filling out these instead: Collection Agreement | Assignment Form.