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Skip Trace Tracker

We do what we can to bring you justice

Direct Credit Control is proud to announce the latest innovation in skip tracing and asset location.

TRACE TRACKER 2012 along with high-tech on-line search engines of public records are the most comprehensive methods of finding new addresses, telephone numbers and places of employment on debtors who have left the area. Millions of dollars have gone into the research and development of this state-of-the-art system which is employed by Direct Credit Control.

“Skips” and “Asset Searches” have always been a problem in collecting debts. You simply cannot collect from a debtor you can’t find! With TRACE TRACKER 2012, the debtor’s can run but they can’t hide for long. This system leaves no stone unturned when it comes to searching for a debtor and their assets. Massive amounts of information, which are stored on- line are used to track down debtors nationwide and brought to each DCC collector's desktop. These “Public Record Data Bases” are updated several times each day to insure accurate information. Our staff of legal and collection professionals have collected accounts which have been considered un- collectible in the past. This means more money is now being collected for our clients.

Skip Tracing, Bad Checks & Judgment Collections

We do what we can to bring you justice

DCC specializes in collecting on skips (debtors with no known current address), bad checks and court judgments of all types.

Property management companies, banks, leasing and finance companies, insurance companies, hospitals and medical clinics, law firms, in fact, all judgment creditors have been faced with the unpleasant task of trying to collect on these very difficult type of accounts. Among the various obstacles which stand in the way of achieving satisfaction is the problem of finding the debtor and then locating an asset to satisfy the claim. More often than not these individuals leave no forwarding address, which makes locating them extremely difficult, and in most cases, judgment debtors will conceal their assets to avoid paying their obligation.

Should you be fortunate enough to find the debtor and an attachable asset, there is still the process of actually recovering the money. Specific steps must be taken in order to recover the balance due. First one must have the proper tools to identify and locate the debtor and their assets, then one must be familiar enough with the legal system to make it work to their advantage. In many cases the time, money and knowledge it takes to file and do the paperwork associated with the legal process is prohibitive. Many companies do not want to take the time or put forth the effort. DCC has the knowledge, experience and the resources to recover on these type of accounts.

At DCC, collecting money for you is our only business!